Issue #4
The Return of Queen Chrysalis, Part 4
Cover A by Amanda Conner
Author Katie Cook
Illustrator Andy Price
Colorist Heather Breckel
Letterer Robbie Robbins
Editor Bobby Curnow
Publisher IDW Publishing
Release date March 6, 2013
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Official Synopsis Edit

"Their epic quest nearing its end, the Mane 6 reach the Changeling Kingdom and find themselves at the mercy of Queen Chrysalis! A sinister offer threatens to tear the group apart before they can save the day. Will friendship prevail over the Queen’s nefarious plan?"[1]


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  • Hastings exclusive variant by unknown
  • Hot Topic exclusive variant by unknown
  • Midtown Comics exclusive variant by unknown
  • Dynamic Forces exclusive variant by unknown
  • Larry's Comics exclusive variant by unknown
  • Jetpack Comics exclusive variant by unknown
  • Larry's/Jetpack joint rough variant by unknown
  • Larry's/Jetpack sketch variant by unknown

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Issue 4 Cover image gallery


  1. IDW Solicitations for February 2013, Bleeding Cool, Retrieved on January 23, 2013.